Simone Crolla,Managing Director AmCham Italy

With this report, AmCham confirms its commitment in keeping a high level of attention on sustainability not only as a tool for managing reputation, but also as a strategic leverage for companies and policy-makers to boost growth.

Fabio Benasso,CEO Accenture SpA

We are living in an exceptional era, where profound transformations are re-shaping the way we live, we make business, we interact, offering a new and incredibly broad spectrum of innovative solutions and opportunities to solve the challenges we are facing: to developing an always more sustainable, inclusive and efficient world.

AmCham Sustainability Committee

In the wake of an increased awareness of social and environmental impact, in 2011 AmCham created the Sustainability Committee, a group of American and Italian companies whose aim is promoting the idea of "Sustainability" not only as a tool for managing environmental impacts, but also as a strategic leverage for companies and countries to boost economic growth. With the Sustainable Technologies report developed thanks to the coordination of Accenture, the Committee has renovated its commitment in promoting the concept of "Sustainability" by focusing its attention on Sustainable Technologies as a concrete opportunity to combine respect for the environment and economic growth.

Sustainability: an increasingly relevant issue for governments and businesses

"Natural Capital depletion represents an annual cost of over $1.5 Trillion."(United Nations Enviroment Programme)
"Green economy transformation could generate up to 60 Million new jobs globally over the next 20 years." (United Nations Enviroment Programme)
"In May 2013 the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere surpassed a threshold not seen for 3 million years, exceeding 400 parts per Million (ppm)." (NOAA)
"~$300 Billion invested annually during the last three years in "green technologies", while according to IEA the target is at least $1 Trillion investments per year up to 2050." (BNEF and IEA)

Sustainable Technologies

Sustainable Technologies play a crucial role in facing the challenges generated by the increasing prices and consumption of commodities and resources and the adverse effects of negative externalities. The main goal is helping governments and companies to improve the use of natural resources and manage the rising costs of delivering products and services to citizens and customers.

The Members

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an opportunity for economic growth.


In this report our members present innovative technologies and solutions which can significantly contribute to improve resource productivity and increase sustainability. The Sustainability Committee selected them according to two criteria: "innovation and novelty".


"There is a way to do it better - Find it." Thomas Edison

The solutions presented in this website are not only at the forefront of what technology has to offer today. They are innovative in the sense that they identify new and impactful ways to solve old and new problems and implement appropriate strategies.


These technologies are the result of a long process of problem-solving and Research & Development. Cutting-edge solutions almost unknown to the public in a pre-market phase or recently launched onto the market

Macro Areas

The report is structured across four "Impact Areas", each representing a key Sustainability challenge that can be solved through the contribution and adoption of Sustainable technologies, plus an area of "Application Cases", to highlight sustainable solutions successfully implemented and the benefits achieved.

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