3M technologies

As a leading supplier in the energy industry, 3M offers technologies and services that support the reliable production of electricity, creating innovative products and technologies while leading the way in renewable energy in order to improve quality while reducing costs. The wide-scale integration of renewables within the traditional power distribution sector is requiring more and more retrofitting interventions, while monitoring voltage and real-time data is playing a crucial role in deploying distribution automation technologies. In this context, the 3M Sensored Termination QX-Series offers a low capital investment revamping solution to aging equipment and network efficiency issues.

Solution description

3M Sensored Termination QX-Series enables power utilities to consistently and accurately monitor their Medium Voltage (MV) underground distribution systems. These innovative cable accessories are based on the so-called “trusted cold shrink technology”, introduced by 3M more than 40 years ago and widely used in the power industry since then. The 3M Sensored Termination QX-Series features integrated voltage and current sensors and can be easily installed inside existing MV switchboards/cabins, facilitating the integration between “green renewable energy” sources and traditional ones. Once installed, these innovative terminations provide a more complete and clear visibility of what is happening in the MV grid in real time, mainly supporting applications such as:

  • Volt/VAR optimization (VVO): Calculate and compensate for inductive and capacitive loads with concurrent measurement of voltage and current
  • Conservation voltage reduction (CVR): Improve energy efficiency by regulating voltage along distribution feeder lines according to real-time measurements
  • Fault detection, isolation and restoration (FDIR): Quickly and efficiently localize faults from a remote location, even in complex systems with many branches and interconnections


Benefits generated by the 3M Sensored Termination QX-Series affect both utilities and end-users/customers. These innovative devices allow utilities to reach higher flexibility and promptness by providing data with an accuracy of ± <0.5%, therefore allowing to better forecast trends and changes in demand. Furthermore, upgrading an existing infrastructure with the 3M Sensored Termination QX-Series is significantly less costly than replacing the whole power equipment, while requiring minimal downtime to install.