Autogrill Villoresi Est

Autogrill technologies

Villoresi exemplifies international best practice within the Group in terms of sustainable innovation. It implements a set of virtuous solutions in the store, which can be individually replicated in other stores of the Group’s global network in the future.

The Villoresi Est location lies on the Autostrada dei Laghi , a route taken by more than 30 million vehicles every year. The building was entirely designed and developed in compliance with the energy efficiency and carbon footprint standards of the LEED Protocol (Leadership in Energy and Environmental energy efficiency and carbon footprint standards of the LEED Protocol (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) obtaining the LEED Gold certification in addition to EMAS and ISO 14001 certifications.


The building extends over a surface of approximately 2,500 sq m, with a skeleton entirely in PEFC certified lamellar wood harvested from sustainably managed forests. As required by LEED standards, only eco-compatible and recyclable materials were used. Its characteristic volcano shape (reaching a height of 27.5 m) facilitates the flow of excess heat towards the top and the ideal exploitation of external temperature conditions, thus reducing the energy used for heating or cooling air. A “Thermal battery” geothermal plant was built, with 420 sensors installed in the subsoil 25 m deep, providing an output exceeding 380 thermal kW and covering 85% of requirements. In addition, the roof of the store extends over a surface of 350 sq m captures either solar energy or cold, depending on the season, and LED lighting is used for both interiors and the exterior. As to water, rainwater and groundwater are used for cooling air, irrigation of green areas, the management of toilets and the firefighting systems, reducing the uptake of water from the public waterworks for industrial purposes to zero.


The benefits of Villoresi Est, represents a crucial steps of the Group effort toward sustainability and compliance with the environmental and quality standards. A part from this, Villoresi Est received the DfA -Quality Mark, awarded by the association Design For All Italy, to acknowledge projects complying with excellent requirement in accessible design. Villoresi Est is based on Design for All standards. The building is designed to be fully accessible and to offer numerous services to every kind of traveler who passes through it, from families to business people, to truckers, to pregnant woman, to those with limited mobility. Travelers can also enjoy the 19,000 square meters of green spaces, which make up approximately 30% of its total area. Landscaping was designed to blend seamlessly into the vegetation of the surrounding countryside; nearby Parco delle Groane harbors numerous trees, including maples, sycamores, poplars and birches and autochthonous shrubs, such as hawthorn, forsythia and Spanish broom. All the characteristic that we have mentioned help making Villoresi a place where environmental sustainability, quality and people well being are taken all into account and well cared for, showing concretely how People, Product and Planet are essential to the group’s values and success.

Furthermore Villoresi Est features numerous technological innovations including a solar roof that harvests energy from the sun , and a closed-circuit geothermal plant whose 25-meter-deep geothermal probes can supply 380 kilowatts of geothermal energy. Depending on the season, the 420 vertical probes extract or deposit heat. Furthermore, in some weather conditions, Villoresi Est can go completely off the grid, generating all of the energy it needs. The solar roof and geothermal plant allow us to produce 45% of the electricity needed for heating and air-conditioning, which equates to the amount of energy 40 families use per year! In this way , Villoresi Est can save the 45% more in terms of energy than a tradition Autogrill. Another consistent benefit is the reduction of CO2 emissions, which is equal to the 59% less. As to water, there is a rainwater collection system which provides 30% energy savings, decreasing the burden on the environment of the 30%. (In the final pages there is a graphic explanation of the working pattern of the system water and energy management).