SPIG UNICO - A unique online continuous monitoring system

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UNICO: online condition monitoring system
In order to minimize loss of revenue, it is essential to use online condition monitoring and diagnostics systems to receive information about the health of operating equipment.
By using predictive and preventive maintenance techniques, SPIG can identify potential failures before they occur and take action to address them, helping to reduce downtime and optimize the yield for cooling systems worldwide.
Monitoring the installed fleet of cooling systems enables us to provide diagnostics-based predictive performance maintenance; in short, we can see problems before they affect an equipment’s performance and take preventative steps accordingly. When monitoring a cooling equipment, data collected from other systems are also considered. This provides unique insight about how the equipment operates.
Monitoring and Diagnostic (M&D) is a system that allows continuous monitoring of Cooling Systems operating parameters through the acquisition of data collected from up to over one hundred sensors in each equipment. Information are analyzed and compared against the other Plant’s Cooling Equipment and same type global fleet.


SPIG’s outstanding UNICO digital tool is aimed at cooling systems enhancement.
A network of localized smart sensors collects data that are converted into digital form and sent to a supervision system using wireless technologies.
The supervision system validates and integrates the data in a single database, processes the information to check process parameters variability and equipment reliability, detects potential problems, generates alarms and determines responses. All information is published on a web page where graphs display performance trends and tables show performance parameters, anomalies, diagnosed faults, alarm messages and mailing actions.
UNICO provides global remote capabilities.


The so called “UNICO” has been specifically designed in order to ensure Cooling Towers and Air Cooled Condensers global performance and enable a better plant management, avoiding costly shutdown and as a final result, improving customer’s plant efficiency.

Thanks to this state-of-the-art technology clients may benefit from:

  • production output improvement
  • avoidance or reduction in the number of unscheduled shut-down
  • reduction of the secondary damage resulting from the failure of any component of the cooling system
  • enhancement of spare parts inventory control
  • maximization of health and safety


In order to extend Cooling Systems life time and optimize their performance it is mandatory to constantly monitor their conditions. Cooling Towers may suffer from fill clogging, mechanical group damage, corrosion whilst Air Cooled Heat Exchangers may face fouling of the heat exchangers surface, leakages, corrosion due to lack of a proper maintenance program, checking and alarms. As a consequence Cooling Systems may then incur in failures and unscheduled, costly shut-down affecting the plant productivity.