Cisco technologies

Energywise is part of Cisco’s mission to promote the culture of technology used for digital collaboration and communication purposes, especially highlighting the benefits of remote working in terms of energy efficiency and Sustainability. In the area of energy consumption control, integrated energy management solutions have been developed to improve user productivity and enhance business processes through a digital and more sustainable approach. However, these solutions generally require a clear definition of roles and responsibilities for the energy management, which is crucial in the definition of the policies and reports to be collected.

Solution description

Cisco has developed Energywise, a platform that provides smart solutions to control and reduce the energy consumption of the network powered smart devices (e.g. PCs, wifi, IP phones, video codec, printers, cameras, etc.). This platform enables energy managers and companies to carry out integrated energy management of an energy domain (e.g. an urban macro area, a district, a geographical area or even a single building) by providing the tools required to measure and correlate data, predict energy consumption, invoice and purchase energy.


The platform enables simple policies to switch off/stand-by devices when not used or in idle state since long time. Based on Cisco experience on internal and field implementations, hereafter a snapshot of energy and cost savings achievable per connected device:

  • Desktop PC: 10-35% saving
  • Laptop PC: 10-15%
  • Monitors: 10-15%
  • Wi-Fi Access Points: 40-65%
  • IP Phones: 30-50%
  • Printers: 40-50%
  • Video Codec: 10-35%

For each single device, we can estimate a 25% of energy consumption reduction with a cost saving of 65$ per network port per year. What’s’ more, Energywise has no specific hardware/ software initial costs, since the feature and service set is embedded in the networking hardware and software platforms.