Smart +Connected Communities Solutions

Cisco technologies

The transformation toward Smart Cities and Smart Communities requires an ecosystem that brings both existing and new partners together to unlock the tremendous value that emerges from connecting people, processes, data and things. Cisco’s Smart+Connected solutions help cities improve their connectivity to guarantee citizens with a broader and immediate access to city-wide services, enhance city planning and development skills, as well as reduce their carbon footprint thanks to smarter and more sustainable systems (e.g. real-time analytics for a better traffic flow management). Cisco Smart+Connected solutions aims at facilitating the transition from traditional cities to Smart Cities, and require the following additional upgrades:

  • The used networking and infrastructure solutions need to be adapted/enhanced to be used in a public unattended environment
  • The solutions require complementary suite of features/services (developed by eco-system partners) and the realization of a complete platform for the governance of the complex solution

Solution description

Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities technologies mainly provide solutions for Smart Cities and Smart Buildings, enhancing and developing the ability to realize a network/ICT platform that interconnects and correlates Data and Services to:

  • measure and produce usable information form data
  • build and define a process of energy management
  • realize a governance of the complex environment

More specifically for the city environments, the Smart+Connected City solutions portfolio includes remote access to government services as well as City Infrastructure Management solutions for connected parking, traffic, and safety and security. Cisco has also developed specific solutions for real estate, Smart+Connected Real Estate, to design optimal spaces through an in-depth understanding of tools, communication, and movement in work and home environments.


Listed are some of the key trends driving the need for more innovative, digital and connected solutions to city operations and service delivery:

  • Cities are in a steadily increasing global competition for talent and need to stay competitive in order to attract and retain high-skilled workers
  • Growing urban populations stress city infrastructure and resources
  • Climate departure makes energy efficiency an urgent issue
  • Cities must provide services that span the digital divide, meeting the needs of the elderly or lower-income citizens who may have limited access to technology as well as the younger generation of always-connected citizens
  • Proliferating technology equals exploding amounts of data that can be turned into valuable and usable information and knowledge through analytics and big data.