Smart /Intelligent Transportation Solutions/ Platforms

Cisco technologies

Growing urban populations along with the rise of Smart Cities are stressing cities’ infrastructure and resources for a better interconnectivity. The transformation to Smart Cities and Smart Communities strongly impact the transportation and infrastructure industry, requiring an ecosystem that brings both existing and new partners together to unlock the tremendous value that emerges from connecting people, processes, data and things, following the Internet of Things (or Everything) paradigm. In the transportation environment, a set of Cisco solutions uses intelligent networking capabilities to provide innovative transport and traffic management services and enable users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and ‘smarter’ use of transport networks. Cisco solutions aims at facilitating the transition to more efficient and smarter transport solutions, but require the following additional efforts:

  • The used networking and infrastructure solutions need to be adapted/enhanced to be used in a public unattended environment
  • The solutions require complementary suite of features/services (developed by eco-system partners) and the realization of a complete platform for the governance of the complex solution.

Solution description

Cisco is deploying highly secure, flexible IP networks and devices, such as:

  • Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System is a multivendor, interoperable communication set of solutions for dispatch centers and operations for transportation, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, public safety and education
  • Cisco 819 Integrated Services Router, designed to withstand the shock and vibration commonly experienced within the transportation industry
  • Cisco Aironet 3x00 Series Access Points, which intelligently avoid interference and provide high performance connectivity for mission critical applications and mobility
  • Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences solution can help transportation organizations increase efficiency with passenger location tracking, and boost satisfaction with location-enabled mobile applications


Cisco Connected Transportation solutions mainly benefit cities’ transport systems by improving safety and security and converging networks for greater mobility, therefore enhancing the passenger experience while improving operational efficiency and generating additional revenue through new business models. As a result, Cisco’s solutions help connect the transportation industry:

  • Within the infrastructure itself at track side and roadways
  • On buses, trains, planes and ships
  • In stations, airports and ports
  • In commercial and emergency response vehicle fleets in connected cars