Monitoring Service

DuPont technologies

Farmers are facing rising input costs and a squeeze on profit margins. Enhancing the level and quality of information farmers have to make decisions about crops might help increase their profitability. DuPont promotes best practice on the use of pesticides in sustainable agriculture, helping farmers achieve higher quality standards and yields, while fully complying with global safety, and environmental requirements. DuPont Pioneer firmly believes the future of farming and increased food production will be closely tied to a real-time access and analysis of data, helping farmers boost production as well as profits.

Solution description

DuPont offers innovative tools based on real-time analytics, helping farmers respond quickly. Among these tools, Evalio® AgroSystems is a free monitoring network monitoring pest populations during the season, providing real-time warnings to optimize the use of pesticides and protect crop yield and quality. Evalio® AgroSystems allows growers to apply the right amount of product at the right time for maximum benefit. Recently, DuPont also launched Encirca, offering a suite of whole-farm decision services to help improve productivity and profitability of grower operations. This platform is based on local Encirca Certified Services Agents who work directly with farmers to analyze and customize recommendations based on individual needs and priorities to make timely business decisions. The Premium version also provides instant weather and market news and analysis.


This kind of platforms certainly provides high-value products and services, specifically designed to help growers maximize profits, minimize risk and improve Sustainability by leveraging science, technology, and customer knowledge.