The Ecolab Apex™ Technology

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Ecolab’s Institutional Division ensures clean and safe environments and promotes guest satisfaction through solutions for cleaning and sanitizing, including on premise laundry, ware washing and hand hygiene, housekeeping and floor care for hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other facilities.
In restaurants, customer ranks hygiene more important than choice of food, value for money and quality of service, so dirty tableware would have a negative impact on customers’ dining experience. Ecolab is focusing on providing best –in-class technologies to solve customers’ ware washing challenges in terms of procedure compliance and a continuous parameter control on the dish machine operations to minimize cost, ensure consistent results, and save non-renewable resources.


The Ecolab ware washing APEXTM Technology is a complete program consisting of cleaning solid products and a controller for tracking the dish machine performance.
The APEX Technology controller is installed on the restaurant’s dish machine and it monitors and records everything that happens with the water temperature, detergent use and other indicators factors measuring the performance. The reports generated by the APEX controller provide data that the restaurant manager can use to justify the dish machine repairs and other actions needed to enhance the system performance.
The control tracks key metrics as rinse temperature, wash temperature, product levels, wash tank changes, number of racks washed and other efficiencies metrics. The APEX controller provides safe and easy-to-read dashboards and alarms are sent in case of issues allowing maximum control. Data control helps reduce rewash which lowers total cost.


The APEX Technology increases safety and control over restaurants’ dish machine operations providing reliable results and significant reduction of plastic packaging, thanks to the solid chemistry, and energy, water and waste, while minimizing costs.
The APEX Technology main benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • Cost minimization: the system is continuously monitored and provides actionable reports allowing immediate corrective actions in case of alarms and avoiding breakdown and machine downtime; only the right amount of product is fed into the system avoiding wastefulness and ensuring elevated standards.
  • Maximized results: ware washing results are consistent as constantly monitored and follow the procedures at any times;
  • Safety: the solid technology minimizes handling risks as spills and leaks and simplify the loading as it is pre-dosed.
  • Brand protection: consistent and high-quality results ensure that the customer brand is trustable and protected;
  • Reduced environmental impact: The APEX Technology reduces the average restaurant over 7,280 racks per year. For the average rack type dish machine, the APEX Technology helps to save up to 3.700 KWh of energy per year, equivalent to over 400 days of electricity in an average house (*); conserve up to 27.500 liters of water per year, equivalent to fill over 340 baths; reduce waste up to 63 kg of plastic waste disposal per year, equivalent to over 1.200 empty 2-liter soft drink bottles (**).

(*) Based on running 200 racks per day
(**) Versus 20-liter liquid jugs, based on running 200 racks per day in the average restaurant