The Oxyguard™ Technology

Ecolab technologies

The Ecolab’s Textile Care Division provides technologies, a wide range of products and expertise to meet all challenges that may arise in commercial laundries. In addition to the highest quality professional detergents, the Textile Care Division provides support and automated dispensing systems for accurate measurements and expertise on the technology behind washing and disinfecting linens. Ecolab’s Textile Care Division offers solutions to help reduce energy and water consumption, increase textile lifetime and improve productivity and profitability at the laundry.


The OxyGuard Technology is a washing program sustainably engineered with exclusive technologies to consistently deliver exceptional cleaning results and whiteness already at 40° washing, improving the textile economic life and reducing the laundry water and energy costs.
The OxyGuard Technology ensures textile is perfectly hygienized with a washing process at low temperature. The technology can be used in hospitality, hospitals, and nursing homes.
The program is also very safe and effective also on colored textile. The OxyGuard program has been developed to respect the environment and is Ecolabel certified.


The OxyGuard Technology is effective and provides clean and brilliant-white results already at 40°, which leads to high energy savings and extended textile lifetime, which represent about 26% of the total cost of operation in laundries.
The main benefits are:

  • Energy use reduction, due to low temperature washing;
  • Reduction of total cost of operation of up to 20% by providing high- quality standards with low temperature washing; more efficient operations by avoiding time loss caused by rewashing.
  • Minimized investment for new linen as the textile lifetime is extended by over 10-20%. Yellowed textile can be restored and maintained during future washing;
  • The whiteness level is consistent during the entire life of the textile and has been evaluated as 220 with the Ganz - Griesser whiteness evaluation method.