Ampla Chip

Enel technologies

Ampla Energia e Serviços S.A., the Endesa Brasil Distribution Service Operator for the Rio de Janeiro State, serving around 2,6 million end users in a concession area of 32,000 km2 (73% of the State area), back in 2003 faced an aggressive market in terms of delinquency and nontechnical losses. Overall losses of around 25% and in some neighborhoods’ losses were more than 80%, even after trying all known solutions to reduce losses from other Brazilian and Latin American companies’ experiences.

Solution description

To tackle the complexity of its market Ampla developed a new innovative solution based on three axes: the application of technology and business operation to hinder the unwanted access together with structured social actions. The technical and business operation solution, called Ampla Chip, consists in the shielding of the aerial network with higher poles, the low voltage (LV) network isolated and protected from access by the medium voltage (MV) and sealed smart meters (AMR) on top of the pole, making harder irregular access to the LV grid and the meter. The AMRs permit the use of telemetry to commercial transactions remotely and automatic meter reading, cutting and rewiring default energy customer, reducing the workforce exposure to potential violence from the more complex areas. With the objectives of strengthening of the culture of sustainable energy consumption, improved socio-economic conditions of families, support in reducing energy losses and increasing collectability, Ampla developed two vertices for social action: consumer education of energy efficient consumption and awareness and support social development focused on local income generation.


By 2014, Ampla Chip is the biggest smart meter case in Latin America with around 690,000 end users and with relevant results both on energy recovery and delinquency control. The project has been visited by other distribution companies from more than 30 countries and has been recognized national and international from relevant institutions for both technological and social solution.