Bonifiche ferraresi

Enel technologies

In June 2016 Enel started a collaboration with Bonifiche Ferraresi, the largest Italian agricultural company, with the aim to set up the first agricultural smart district in Europe.
The project fosters the creation of an innovative sustainable energy system, where Enel for the first time couples standard commercial offerings such as PV plants to innovative and sustainable value propositions like Vehicle-to-Grid, grid scale storage, and precision agriculture innovations coming from its industrial partners and startup ecosystems.
Through this initiative, Enel integrates its energy expertise and smart solutions developed internally with those offered by its startup ecosystem and industry partners, providing an integrated solution of efficient and sustainable technologies. This approach opens the doors to collaborations with new, seemingly far-reaching sectors that are increasingly shifting their consumption to electrification by adopting smart technologies for managing and controlling their production and using alternative and renewable energy sources.
With this partnership, Enel develops a flagship project to position itself as a leader in energy innovation and smart techs, with the purpose of replicating this experience with other industrial customers in Italy and abroad.

Solution description

The project includes different solutions from Enel’s innovation portfolio.
Energy efficiency upgrades will be made to maximize the consumption of self-produced energy, with the installation of a 200kW and a 500kW photovoltaic system on the roofs of the recently built stables and the rice mills and the integration of a 100kW/190 kWh energy storage system.
Enel will also offer its turnkey e-mobility solutions, by providing electric vehicles with a long term rent formula (2 Nissan e-NV200, 1 Nissan Leaf and 2 Renault Twizy), 20 electric bikes with pedal assistance and charging infrastructures. These sustainable solutions will be used for the transport of Bonifiche Ferraresi’s employees and the students and professors hosted by the University Campus located within the site, from the agricultural district surroundings to the neighbouring municipalities, reducing C02 emissions produced during the transfer.
Enel will also experiment its breakthrough innovations such as Vehicle to Grid, by installing a 10 kW bidirectional charging infrastructure to allow electric cars to recharge and provide unused energy back to the grid, once the regulatory framework for Vehicle to grid is defined in Italy.
Furthermore, Israeli start-ups are being engaged through Enel’s innovation hub in Tel Aviv, to identify new agro technologies that might be tried and tested at Bonifiche Ferraresi’s facilities.
All these technologies will be installed in the next few months to turn Bonifiche Ferraresi into the first agricultural smart district in Europe.


This project will both have positive impacts on the competitiveness of the Companies involved and on the safeguard of the environment.
In particular, the initiative will provide Enel with a flagship case to test its most cutting-edge technologies, to structure new operational processes and to monitor results with the aim of replicating this experience with other industrial customers in Italy and abroad.
Furthermore, Bonifiche Ferraresi will increase the energy efficiency of its production processes, which represent a key competitive factor.
On the other hand, the substitution of the current corporate fleet with electric vehicles and the introduction of e-bikes will contribute to the reduction of C02 emissions in the surrounding area. Moreover, the installation of PV plants and the integration of energy storage systems will enable Bonifiche Ferraresi to maximize the consumption of self-produced energy, increasing the independence from more polluting sources.