Small-scale LNG modular plant

General Electric technologies

Nowadays Natural gas is not just an economical choice: available in compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG), natural gas engines are not only quieter than their diesel counterparts are, but they are also significantly cleaner. On the other hand, energy density of CNG is only about 25% of that of diesel, reaching 60% in liquefied form. Since LNG, like diesel and gasoline, is a liquid, one could achieve comparable refueling speed, making LNG the more attractive, and viable alternative fuel. Since the 1990’s, General Electric (GE) designs systems for LNG production, liquefaction, regasification & storage - both onshore & offshore. GE’s solutions aims at enhancing performance across the entire LNG process.

Solution description

GE offers skid-mounted Small-scale LNG solution to provide a cleaner, abundant fuel source for the following applications:

  • Substitution for diesel or gasoline fuel in transportation (heavy duty trucking, mining, marine and rail)
  • Natural gas power generation for remote locations (virtual pipeline) both for industrial and residential use
  • Storage, readily available for peak demand
  • Capture of fugitive methane emissions typically related to mining A vailable with four distinct refrigeration cycles, the plant’s design and equipment selection can be customized to meet specific production requirement, reducing plant commissioning time, maintenance needs and installation costs, while enhancing plant operability and efficiency. Designed for a variety of remote power, utility, and transportation applications, this fully integrated, plug-and-play natural gas liquefaction plant can produce between 25 and 600 k/gallons of LNG per day.


Along with the benefits provided by LNG fuels, GE’s fully modular design with standardized components can provide customers with all the benefits of an integrated, plug and-play solution:

  • a simplified plant control process
  • decreased plant commissioning time
  • simplified maintenance and reduced overall installation cost.