Novamont S.p.A.

Intesa Sanpaolo technologies

Intesa Sanpaolo has decided to foster research and investment in disruptive technologies by investing in new sectors/solutions and launching ad-hoc initiatives. Intesa Sanpaolo’s investment portfolio is very much wide and diversified, also covering the bioplastics sector as a shareholder of the Novamont project since its beginning. Novamont is an Italian industrial company, a spin-off of the Montedison School of Materials Science set up in 1989 with the aim to integrate chemistry, agriculture and the environment.

Solution description

Novamont is a world leader in the bioplastic manufacturing sector, significantly contributing to the creation of a new sustainable industrial policy encouraging the transition from a product-based economy to a system-based economy, promoting the use of renewable resources for the production of bioplastics with a low environmental impact. In particular, Novamont developed Mater-Bi®, a family of innovati ve bioplastics based on plant components and biodegradable polymers totally or partially obtained from renewable resources. Under the trademark Mater-Bi® Novamont produces and sells various kinds (“grades”) of biopolymers.


The Mater-Bi® solution led to a complete revolution in the bioplastic sector, since its products are biodegradable and with comparable performance to traditional plastics. Furthermore, Novamont’s solutions are proved widely applicable: in 2014, the company started a joint venture with ENI and converted the chemical site of Porto Torres into one of the largest green chemistry plants in Europe.