Pirelli Connesso

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The connected car market continues to grow. It will be driven by safety, autonomous driving and connected services. The need for safety and more accurate and timely maintenance is shared across regions. Currently connected cars provide end users with all types of information apart from the ones coming from the tyres. Nevertheless in the market research we conducted, 76% of respondents expressed an interest in this type of product. Connesso is the answer Pirelli gives to those needs.

Product description

Pirelli Connesso is a new type of tyre capable of communicating with consumers via an app, one of the first of its kind, through a sensor which is embedded in the internal wall of the tyre. This app gives vital information on how the tyre is working, as well as offering a series of personalised services.
This sensor weighs just a few grams and has no effect on the physical performance of the tyre. It continuously measures the status of each tyre and sends the data to a centralised control unit and to the Pirelli Cloud, which together form the brain of the Connesso platform.
Pirelli Connesso is currently focused on the aftermarket sector, but there will also be an original equipment product offering. In collaboration with car manufacturers, Pirelli is developing a brand new technological architecture for tyres. As well as enabling all the basic functions, this will add the possibility of automatically controlling the vehicle’s set-up. By reading each tyre’s identification code, the sensor will recognise its characteristics and send that information to the car’s on-board computer, in order to select the car set-up offering the most performance and safety.
This new concept, as well as Pirelli Connesso, form part of the wider Cyber Technologies project, which Pirelli launched in 2005 with the aim of achieving maximum integration between driver, car, road and tyres.


Pirelli Connesso is a digital platform which uses an integrated sensor to Pirelli’s high end tyres to transmit information already available from car’s on-board computer. It provides data about the status, use and maintenance of every tyre, whilst offering localised and personalised services to provide bespoke mobility for the needs of the most demanding drivers. Pirelli’s new platform provides a more informed, safety and pleasurable driving experience, optimising performance and reducing fuel consumption with more efficient use of tyres.
Pirelli Connesso is a sort of “digital assistant” that improves safety, driving experience and environmental impact.