Seal Inside

Pirelli technologies

Whenever a tyre is punctured, driving performance and safety are compromised: the driver cannot keep driving and will need to replace the tyre or even ask for assistance. What’s more, tyres are among the largest and most complex sources of waste, due to the large volume produced and their durability. In this case, Pirelli’s commitment towards offering high-performing tyre, led to a solution that ensures a longer life to the tyre, therefore reducing maintenance cost and increasing safety.

Solution description

Seal Inside (S.I.) is a new tyre construction technology that allows driving on without losing air pressure even after the tyre has been punctured by an external object, covering almost 85% of the possible accidental causes of pressure loss. Inside the tyre, in the area corresponding to the tread pattern, a sealing layer material tightly blocks every possible air leakage in case of a puncture that passes through the carcass with or without an external object still present.


In case of puncture, the S.I. technology allows the driver not to stop the vehicle for an immediate substitution of the tyre and to keep using it with no differences in the tyre performance. Therefore, the S.I. tyre significantly reduces the chance to have a flat tyre (extended mobility), increasing the driver safety and reducing the costs for tyres substitution. From a Sustainability point of view, this innovative and safe solution translates into a significant reduction of tyres waste and disposal. Indeed S.I. tyre doesn’t loss the pressure and, without destroying the structure, it can be repaired easily.