Advanced Urban Light

Vodafone technologies

Vodafone as a global network operator is providing innovative services and solutions that focus on the development of Digital Services, Internet of Things Solutions and mobile analytics. So far, Vodafone has widely invested on solutions and tools able to promote Smart Public Service, Smart Grid, Smart Mobility, Smart Health and Smart Education. Nowadays most developed Metropolitan Cities has initiated a transformation path towards Smart Cities, mainly focusing on sustainable urban planning and digitalization of services to promote economic development and social inclusion. On the other hand, global energy demand is expected to double by 2050, with traffic management and street lighting becoming a significant source of electricity and maintenance costs.

Solution description

Advance Urban Light is a smart grid solution based on M2M technology that can be used in smart cities to reduce electricity costs and usage. For example, M2M solutions can be used for:

  • Streets traffic level identification with automatic turning off or dim of the individual lamps when there is little or no traffic
  • Automatic switch on and off of the street lights
  • Monitoring street lights performances and electricity consumption with an alert to the council if there is a faulty light (with the exact location)


M2M solutions can bring concrete benefits in terms of:

  • Energy saved and related cost reduction (30/50% of the total electricity usually consumed for street lighting, which is around 3.4M€ per year in a city with 900k inhabitants)
  • Light pollution reduction
  • Better and more economic maintenance of the lighting system thanks to the alerts in case of fault (maintenance costs can reach up to 60% of the total lighting costs)