Super Hub

Vodafone technologies

Since Mobility management has become a major issue for cities in the world, SUstainable and PERsuasive Human Users moBility in future cities is a European co-funded project specifically created for the realization of an open source platform and mobile app that is able to plan customized urban routes, combining all mobility offers in real time.

Solution description

For Super Hub, Vodafone has developed an applied solution of Mobile Analytics that can be used in smart cities, improving public transportations services and traffic management. Its main functions can be summarized as follow:

  • Analysis of data collected through mobile network to be used in traffic monitoring and tracking of number of people in a certain area
  • Collection of data from different sources for a more efficient and sustainable mobility
  • A dedicated mobile app with an evolved trip planner
  • Data gathering to facilitate infrastructure planning. The platform is based on very precise algorithms that allow achieving a 95% analysis accuracy. Thanks to the high reliability of data provided in real time by the platform, public transport operators and city managers will be able to manage city traffic in a more efficient and safe way, with estimated savings of 35% in the realization of traditional monitoring infrastructure in an average sized city. Beside the achievement of cost savings, this solution also enable lower CO2 emissions.


  • Assets use optimized thanks to weather and other environmental changes control (e.g. water use cut by 20%)
  • Costs cut (e.g. savings on fertilizer can be as much as €110 per hectare)
  • Feed mixes optimized for the best yield of milk and meat (e.g. milk production can increase of 1.75 kg per cow per day)
  • Cattle grazing pattern optimized through analysis on data gathered
  • Cut of methane emission (by as much as 20%)
  • Thefts reduction (in UK £400 million worth of farm equipment is stolen each year)