Connectivity - 6th Sense

Whirlpool Corporation technologies

Connectivity allows us to personalize the in-home experience for consumers, helping them care for their families better, faster and smarter.
The appliance monitors cycle use and estimates consumption of detergents, dryer sheets and dishwasher cleaner, then automatically notifies the user when supplies are likely to be running low.
Engaging in innovation-driven partnerships helps us deliver meaningful change and positive impact at a more rapid pace. We collaborated with Amazon® to bring the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) to our connected appliances.


6th Sense technology allows products to save energy and water and to preserve food better.
The connected suite of Whirlpool brand appliances in Europe offers Wi-Fi connectivity to enable remote monitoring and control via the 6th SENSE LIVE app. The app enables families to select more energy-efficient appliance modes and cycles, for example, changing the cycle temperature in the washer or the dishwasher program could conserve energy and water consumption.

Among the most known products developed with 6th Sense technology:

  • Supreme NoFrost refrigerator that allows savings up to 48% (for A+++) in energy consumption, compared to the average energy consumption of a Whirlpool brand equivalent appliance in A+ class (based on EEI).
  • The 6th Sense Powerclean dishwasher with PowerDry and 6th Sense Live™ technology Smart optimization of resources, saving up to 50% in energy, water and time.
  • The EMEA washer and dryer machine with 6th Sense Live™ technology can be remotely controlled via app. It has the lowest water consumption in the market on normal cycle compared to competitors in the same capacity class based on the water consumption on the energy label.


Thanks to connectivity and the fact that products can be easily managed by an app, consumers can benefit from:

  • In refrigerator, recovering temperature faster and maintaining freshness for longer, resulting in savings up to 48% in energy consumption.
  • In dishwasher, cleaning dishes with no effort and saving up to 50% in energy.
  • In laundry, washing and drying to perfection, respecting fabrics, saving resources as energy and water.